Race Recap: ChiTown Half Marathon – April 9th

Apr 11, 2016
  1. Mary Nolan says:

    Ugh…..reminiscent of the shamrock shuffle many moons ago…..glad you were able to finish injury free!

  2. phampants says:

    Sorry that you had just a bad race. I avoid any major races along the lakefront trail now unless 1. it’s organized by fleet feet (RIP) and 2. if you start on the streets 1/3 the way first before before you get dumped onto the trail. At least if you start on the streets, people can find their pace & thin out before putting thousands of people on the trail.

    That said, threw down 6 on the lakefront Sunday morning before the race. It was slick & cold, but golly, I love that sun.

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