At first, it might not seem like content marketing and running coaching have much in common. But in my experience, they both require strong relationships, sound strategy and clear communication. That’s where I thrive.

I’m Dale – and your goals are my goals. 

I started with one client (a friend of a friend kind of thing), and that became another. Then I started freelancing for an agency. And then I had another Sydney connection inquire about pricing. All of a sudden, a lot of my days were filled with content creation, social media strategy, and community engagement again. A happy accident? Kind of – but I think it was more that I finally understood my purpose and what fulfills me.

And I’m learning more and more every day about what it takes to reach those big, scary running goals. (Spoiler alert: it’s not just running all the time.) To become the best coach I can be for my runners, I earned my NASM Personal Training Certification and Yoga Teacher 200HR Certification in 2020. 

And now here I am, writing this from my home in Sydney, finding ways to combine doing all the things I love to do. I don’t have everything figured out quite yet, but I’m working on it – and I’m looking forward to working with you, on whatever it is that you have your heart set on.

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I’m a Midwest girl who grew up in the suburbs of Illinois, attended University of Illinois, and moved to Chicago after graduation. (And before you ask, yes, Dale is my real name and no, it’s not short for anything.) 

In Chicago, I was the Marketing Manager for a non-profit – a job that I loved and that gave me foundational knowledge that I still use to this day. 

After an incredible four years in the city, my husband Kyle was offered a role in Sydney, Australia. And how could I pass up an opportunity like that? 

Living in Sydney was never something I expected to be a part of my life’s story. It’s been challenging, exciting, scary, and transformative, sometimes all in the same day. And the forced uncertainty of this move was ultimately what led me back to content marketing. 

But let’s back up a bit first. After all, I wasn’t always a content marketer-slash-runner-slash-coach.

After the move, I realized just how much I loved helping small businesses and brands tell their stories. 

Throughout all these changes, running has been my constant. I turn to running when I’m happy, when I’m stressed, when I want to celebrate, when I want to connect with new friends or just work through my thoughts. I started working with a coach myself in December of 2017; I had earned my ticket to the Boston Marathon, and my top priority was getting to that start line injury free. For me, that meant I needed someone to reel me in, slow me down, and teach me how to run in a way I could sustain for life.

Not only did I show up to Boston injury-free, but I ran a personal best in the crazy weather conditions. 

Now, smart training is something I have become passionate about

I can trust and count on Dale to move me in the right direction.

Dale has done a fantastic job of putting training plans together that are truly meant for me, where I am right now and what my body needs. I have this huge sense of relief that I can trust and count on her to move me in the right direction.

Alex, athlete since 2019

Dale is the perfect blend of digital media expert and fitness and health enthusiast.

My physiotherapy clinic needed someone who could speak to our people and be an on brand thinker. Dale is just that: Technical in the science of social media, a true copywriter that can make the brand of our business stand out in every post.


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We chat through an adjustment to her training plan, now that she’s back from a week long work conference.


over zoom for one of my marketing clients, and we discuss what posts got the highest engagement last week. 


I take a break from social calendars to focus on training calendars for a bit. With a few of my athletes all training for the same upcoming marathon, I help organize a group long run for this weekend. I also send out


Now that my States clients are offline, I dive into writing a blog post for a client that’s a wellness company. I get lost in the research and make a few mental notes of takeaways I can share with my athletes.


about the benefits of resistance training for endurance athletes.


Workday, done! I meet a friend for a run along one of our favorite beachside trails. As we chat about work, I’m able to brainstorm a few new campaign concepts for a client.


After dinner and a shower, I wind down with some yoga poses to help with recovery. Then, right before bed, I make a list of the top three things I need to prioritize tomorrow for my athletes and my clients. 


Over lunch, I sit outside with my latest book to get away from screens for a bit

coffee, first thing.

skim some new research from NASM

quick check-in call from one of my athletes.

custom workouts for the week.

present a new social media content calendar

The beauty of working for yourself? No two days are the same, especially when you split your time between two different services like I do. But so far, I’ve found that coaching and marketing tend to complement each other. Here’s a peek at what my typical day might look like.

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